Scientific Program

Conference Series LLC Ltd invites all the participants across the globe to attend 11th International Conference on Oil and Gas Barcelona, Spain.

Day 1 :

Keynote Forum

Ashraf A.K. Hussien

Alexandria University, Egypt

Keynote: Dynamic Modeling of Natural Gas Drying by Adsorption

Time : 10-10:30

Oil Gas 2020 International Conference Keynote Speaker Ashraf A.K. Hussien photo

Ashraf A.K. Hussien is working in Chemical Engineering department, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, Egypt.



Natural gas is saturated with water vapor. Dehydration process is used to remove the water vapor from natural gas stream. Solid desiccant materials are used in industrial natural gas dehydration such as molecular sieves which are considered as the most important one. In this study, a dynamic mathematical model was developed to simulate fixed bed adsorption process used for gas dehydration where the fixed bed reactor contains molecular sieves 3A with two layer in different sizes. The top particle diameter was 3.2 mm while the bottom particle diameter was 1.6 mm. The model was simulated to follow up the breakthrough behavior at different operating condition like temperature, flow rate, inlet water content, mass transfer zone and bed height / diameter. The mathematical model obtained results were verified against the ones obtained from Liquefied Natural Gas Company in Egypt.