Oil Gas Organizing Committee

Wei Bing

Associate Professor
Southwest Petroleum University

Biography: Dr Wei Bing has completed his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering in year 20 ReadMore...

Research Interest: Enhanced oil recovery technology and theory (new chemical fl ReadMore...

Abdulhuseeien Neamah Shnawa Al-Attabi

College of Petroleum Engineering,Al-Ayen University

Biography: Abdulhusseien.N.Al-Attabi got his B.sc at 1980 from Almousel universit ReadMore...

Research Interest: Biomarker Indicators of Source Rocks and depositional Enviro ReadMore...

Hedayat Omidvar

Head of Communication Affairs with Science & Research Centers, Research & Technology Dept.
National Iranian Gas Company

Biography: Hedayat Omidvar was graduated in Industrial Engineering (MSc) in 2002. ReadMore...

Research Interest: Iran’s Strategy for Natural Gas

N.P. Zapivalov

Trofimuk Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics SB RAS

Biography: Prof. N.P. Zapivalov has 68 years of experience in petroleum geology i ReadMore...

Research Interest: Petroleum Geology in the 21st Century: New Ways of Thinking

Abdollah Esmaeili

Cyprus International Univeristy (CIU)

Biography: Abdollah Esmaeili got his Diploma in Mathematics & Physics, 1986 - 199 ReadMore...

Research Interest: Safety and Maintenance Management in Treating Oily Effluen ReadMore...

Shailesh N Gadhvi

Deputy Manager at Nayara Energy Limited,
Sardar Patel University

Biography: Shailesh N Gadhvi is working as Deputy Manager in the Quality Control ReadMore...

Research Interest: Petroleum Diesel